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Earlier this summer, Amber Funk set up a small, free art gallery in her front yard on Hanover Street in Steinbach, and it was a big hit.

Small Free Art Galleries (FLAGs) are where people can take artwork from a miniature gallery or leave behind their own artwork that they have created.

Funk learned about FLAGs through an Instagram post she saw last fall and was excited to start one with her hubby. They even made miniature clay figures to look at the art people leave there.

“My husband is an artist. He has been an artist for much longer than me. We had a lot of fun creating lots of little art to leave in there for people to find, and the neighborhood really seemed to appreciate it. We found a lot of small works of art in there.

They are thrilled with the large number of people who have added and taken art. Many kids in their neighborhood love to use the gallery, but even adults and some professional artists have left artwork there as well. People don’t just leave drawings either, there’s clay art, rock paintings and even origami.

“It was fun to see that other people were excited about it too, it’s something I’ve thought was so whimsical and exciting for almost a year now, and so I was excited to do it and come see my dream come to live.”

Funk checks the gallery every morning and says there’s almost always something new in there.

“That changed quite quickly. I would say week to week it’s almost always completely new stuff, which is pretty exciting to find new little treasures. It really changes quite a bit. »

Funk encourages people to come visit and leave something behind. She says you don’t need to have any specific skills or a lot of invested time to call yourself an artist. Being an artist can simply mean that you want to create something and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

“There were so many little pieces that I did that I’m a little disappointed. I had a different vision in my mind. But I tried, and I did something, and it just disappears in one day or two. So somebody there was excited about that. And I think that’s been really fun and encouraging for me to remember that things don’t have to be perfect. Art , it’s just expressing yourself.

If you want updates on new mini art in Steinbach, check out Amber Funk’s Instagram account for her FLAG here.


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