A photographer creates a series of miniature photos around Manchester


Whether it’s retro beer cans or vintage matchboxes, there’s not much Gisela Szlatoszlavek will limit herself to capturing the spirit of the city.

Although Gisela works full time as a teaching assistant, she is also a street photographer with a passion for documenting Manchester’s gentrified neighborhoods, she even published That Golden Mile, a sold-out book on the photography of street in Blackpool.

And it was a combination of these two professions that sparked the idea for her ‘Little’ series, with Gisela finding inspiration during a photography class.

Talking about the birth of the miniatures series, which sees her create scenes using tiny models, Gisela recounted Good Manchester“Students were working with small figurines around the classroom, and it made me think how well it would work on the street.

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“I started with Blackpool, and thought of the places that make the city iconic and recognizable… like the sunburned men wearing waistcoats and the local mums pushing prams.”

And being a young local girl herself – she hails from Oldham – Gisela knew Manchester and its vast history would provide the perfect backdrop for her new series.

She explained: “Everything I’ve done so far is a nod to something special in the city, like the Haçienda, the Manchester Bee, Manchester United and Manchester City.”

And although the series is only a few months old, Gisela has countless episodes of a variety of different themes under her belt, all of which give insight into life in Blackpool and Manchester.

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His photographs range from trips to football, fried teas and seaside fun in Blackpool, and even trips to the iconic Haçienda nightclub – complete with a pair of maracas, of course.

And fans of Gisela’s work will notice a recurring retro theme, which in itself is a nod to her own passion for the 1980s: “Those days were fantastic, I wish I could have taken these photos back then.

“So I wanted to try to create a lot of my series around that time period.”

Many of the props used in the series are also authentic, including retro beer cans found on eBay, cassette tapes, and even matchboxes from the era.

Putting these images together is no picnic, however, with some taking Gisela several weeks to complete from start to finish.

@giselaszlatoszlavek / Instagram

Every aspect of the photo – from the initial idea to the construction itself – is a painstaking process, with Gisela often spending hours scrolling through Google Street View to determine which spots will work best, be it aesthetics, lighting or just for the finer details to add to the final image.

Gisela then buys the figurines online, and spends even more time hand-painting them to suit different scenes — for some photos, she even went to the effort of making miniature outfits using a magnifying glass.

And actually taking the photos isn’t any easier, mainly thanks to members of the public and heavy traffic, which Manchester city center in particular is rife with.

She explained, “Unsurprisingly, Market Street is definitely the hardest place to work, thanks to the sheer volume of people and things going on in the background. @giselaszlatoszlavek / Instagram

“Because I have to be as low to the ground as possible, members of the public come up to me and ask what I’m doing and check that I’m okay… Some people even think I collapsed in the street!

“But most people are lovely, and just curious and want to know what I’m up to.”

While the Little Manchester and Little Blackpool series remain a side project for Gisela for now, she aims to one day collaborate with other artists and possibly take paid commissions.

This is just the start of Gisela’s little series, so be sure to follow her officially. PageInstagram to stay up to date with his latest work.


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