Artist Creates Incredible Dollhouses From Miniature Movie Sets From Harry Potter, Friends and Jurassic Park


Bridget McCarty creates miniature movie sets, but they’re so detailed you wouldn’t even know they were fake.

His works include iconic scenes from Jurassic Park, Friends and Harry Potter and can take up to a month each to build, but the results are staggering.

Bridget, from Los Angeles, Calif., says it started as a hobby, but it became her full-time job when people started lining up to buy her pieces.

She said, “Creating miniatures can really take you to another world. My ideas can be found everywhere, from my favorite TV shows to theme parks.

Bridget shared how she was inspired by her grandmother, who used to collect miniature items whenever she traveled and store them on shelves.

But as a child, Bridget was never allowed to touch delicate objects, which made her increasingly curious.

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She said: “Knowing that I couldn’t touch them made me more obsessed with them.”


Growing up, she began creating her own miniature pieces as a hobby alongside her studies at school.

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But when she started attending conventions and starting a small online store, people were hooked, and the demand for her small stages quickly made her a full-time job.


Bridget, who is also trained in the art of animation, said, “Other artists have bought a lot of my pieces and kept me going.”


His pieces are dollhouse-sized pieces made in wooden boxes – with dimensions of 50 cm or less – and usually depict film sets.


She creates incredible sets from “everything you can imagine” after installing tiny electric cables to light up the rooms.

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Some of his most recognizable rooms include Monica’s apartment in Friendsand the Flourish and Blotts bookstore from the Harry Potter series.


She even made a tiny but incredibly detailed version of The Big Bang Theory Pasadena Comedy Center.


And she has no intention of stopping, as her small scenes and other small objects are becoming more and more popular.

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