Artist Creates Realistic Miniature Stranger Things House Before Season Ends


An artist has created a realistic miniature Stranger Things house ahead of next week’s highly anticipated season finale. Bridget McCarty, 37, creates miniature movie sets so detailed you wouldn’t even know they were fake.

In the past she’s covered everything from Friends to Harry Potter – and now she’s featured the home of hit show Stranger Things to add to the collection. Bridget worked on the masterpiece for over 80 hours in total.

The dollhouse-sized set includes tiny radios, books, and even the show’s signature alphabet wall lights. And she even made a little box of Eggos – waffles that Eleven’s character loves.

Bridget, whose full-time job is making miniature art, said: “At first I didn’t watch the show so I wanted to see what it was. Now I’m a huge little Stranger Things fan! This one took two weeks to create – it’s hard to put it down when you’re really excited about the end result.”

The piece premiered just in time for Netflix’s July 1 release of the season four finale. The dimensions of the small piece are 13 inches wide by 11 inches high and 8 inches deep.

Bridget says he used wood, paper, sticky glue, hot glue and resins in the construction. And she made the couch out of cotton fabrics and foam, “to make it look like a puffy couch.”

She said: “The trickiest part was the radio and the walkie-talkies. I had the parts 3D printed to save time and get the best accuracy. Later I added some sand and I painted them to look like the real thing.”

Bridget says making miniature sets started out as a hobby, but it became her full-time job when people started lining up to buy her parts.

She said, “Creating miniatures can really take you to another world. They can be made from anything you can imagine.”

Bridget McCarty Creates Miniature Movie Sets So Detailed You Wouldn’t Even Know They Were Fake

She was inspired by her grandmother, who collected miniature objects on her travels. It started out as a hobby, but when she started attending conventions and setting up a small online store, the demand for her small stages quickly made her a full-time job.

She said, “Sometimes you can go to the craft store and your mind will be blown with ideas.”

Her small sets take up to a month for a project – or even longer if she juggles several at once. Bridget’s inspiration most often comes from her favorite TV shows as well as the theme parks and attractions she visits – on this occasion, Stranger Things. Now his small scenes and other small objects are becoming more and more popular.

She said: “I love having a finished piece and knowing that I used my best skills to create it. I know the scale is correct.

“Followers love seeing photos of my work. It can really take you to another world and inspire a lot more people.”

Now that this project is complete, she has already started planning her next one after her followers begged her.

Bridget, from Los Angeles, said: “A lot of fans say they want to see Coraline in miniature. I think that might be my next project.”


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