BAHUE presents the first work of the Latinx composer miniature challenge 2022


Voice and percussion duo, Bahué, presents the first virtual world premiere of the LATINX COMPOSER MINIATURE CHALLENGE 2022 (#LCMC), now available for viewing on Instagram, YouTube and the Bahué website.

“I Am I” by Paolo Griffin was written for the Bahué 2022 Latinx Composer Miniature Challenge and performed and recorded by Ariel Campos and Aliana de la Guardia. Its virtual world premiere is April 28, 2022.

The composer writes about the work: “I was walking alone in the afternoon of February 1st. My neighborhood in West Toronto is full of graffiti and public art, most of it very beautiful. On the side of a building I was passing, just off Dundas St. West, someone had scribbled the words, I am me, in black paint on a white brick wall. Our winters in Canada can be pretty bright, because the cold gives way to a sun during the day. I thought the contrast of white and black in the dazzling sunlight was very striking. After I started writing this short piece, I remembered the words I had seen written on this building (by the time I started working on this piece, a week later, the words had been removed). These words became the text of this play.”

Paolo Griffin is a Peruvian-Canadian composer based in Tkarón:to/Toronto whose music explores notions of focused/unfocused listening, repetition and formal structures while emphasizing close collaboration and creative spontaneity with the performers he works with. Paolo’s music has been featured in concerts and on radio by the Resident Orkest (NL), The New European Ensemble (NL), Avanti! Chamber Music (FI), Duo Holz (CA), Freesound (CA), and more. Paolo is also the Artistic and Executive Director of Freesound, a Toronto-based performing collective comprised of a core group of the city’s most adventurous young musicians and performers of contemporary music.

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