Book Album with Miniature Named Best at Book Art Competition [PHOTO]


By Laman Ismayilova

Thumbnail applies to any artwork produced in a size much smaller than the normal size for that type of artwork.

This unique art form has not lost its importance and has retained its literary and aesthetic value through the centuries.

The miniatures, inspired by the poem “Varga and Gulsha” are considered some of the ancient models of this art in Azerbaijan as well as in the Near and Far East.

The poem written by the 17th century Azerbaijani poet Mesihi is based on the ancient legend, known in the Middle East as “Varga and Gulsha”.

In 2021, a book-album with illustrations of “Varga and Gulsha” was presented to the National Art Museum.

The publication is a 21st century artist’s view of 13th century miniatures.

The unique book album was recently named the best in the 19th Book Art Competition, reports Azernews, citing the Ministry of Culture.

The competition has been held since 2004 with the support of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS Member States.

This year, the competition, which included 67 publications from 7 countries, was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

By decision of the jury, the book album “Varga and Gulsha” published under the direction of the director of the National Museum of Art, Professor Chingiz Farzaliyev, was selected as the best in the category “Art of illustration”.

The book album “Varga and Gulsha”, prepared by the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan, was presented in early October 2021 within the framework of the Baku International Book Fair.

The publication is a fundamental book in which 71 medieval miniatures painted by Abdulmomin Muhammad al-Khoyi based on the ancient oriental legend about the endless love of young Varga and beautiful Gulsha are fully collected and published for the first time in form of complex.

The “Varga and Gulsha” illustrations are among the oldest surviving examples of oriental miniatures.

The album-book “Varga and Gulsha”, which gives a new “polygraphic reading” to the manuscript of the XIII century, presents a complete and complete picture of the pictorial tradition of this period, its characteristics, specificities and advantages artistic.

Thanks to digital capabilities, for the first time, the masterpieces of Azerbaijani miniatures were presented as authentically as possible to the original manuscripts, creating a complete picture of the high aesthetic qualities of these images.

The album of books “Varga and Gulsha” was donated to the funds of the main museums and libraries of the world. This list includes the United States Library of Congress.

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