Chennai: G Srinivas, a Photographer, Government Employee, Miniature Artist in One | Chennai News

CHENNAI: For decades, photographer G Srinivas has used his camera to capture moments that matter. When the pandemic hit last year, the 59-year-old, who works at the DGP office on Beach Road, decided to use his free time to capture moments from the past by making models of old vehicles and police planes.
“Although I had to keep working, I was back home as soon as my duty was done. And with the weekends off, I had more free time,” says Srinivas, who then decided to continue. his childhood passion: making models of things he saw around him.
“When I was in Class VIII, I started making model airplanes, cabins, etc., for school projects,” says Srinivas, who grew up in Nagercoil. “After a while I stopped pursuing my hobby, but in 1994 a colleague’s son wanted a model of his school for a project and that’s how I got back into it. I started making replicas for free for many school children.
During the pandemic, he took his hobby more seriously, making a red model 1960 state bus. “On the web, I saw that many people in Kerala were making model buses. When I saw an old Tamil movie, I decided to make a replica of the bus shown in it,” says Srinivas, adding that it took him 10 months to create using foam board. He then made a 1970 Ashok Leyland bus. “I used aluminum sheets, stock tires to shape the wheels, made rexine seats, carved the driver out of wood and I even dressed in khaki,” he says.
His real interest lies in the manufacture of models of old police vehicles. “I go through old photographs and also material at the TN Police Academy in Oonamanchery to find photos of old vehicles,” says Srinivas.
Featured among his designs is a deep blue 1954 police vehicle, on display with a group of police officers stationed nearby. “I found a picture of it in an old police history book. Cops in khaki uniforms wear half-pants and green caps,” says Srinivas.

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