Coimbatore-based miniature artist paints tricolor in eyes ahead of Independence Day


New Delhi: In a bid to raise awareness of 75 years of independence, miniature artist and social media activist UMT Raja from Coimbatore sketched a miniature version of the tricolor and placed it in his right eye, according to ABP Nadu. According to the report, after making the sketch, he posted the photo on social media, which got a lot of positive and negative reactions.

How it was done:

Initially, the artist painted a miniature national flag in a kind of very thin film on the white shell of the egg and placed it in the sclerotic part of the eye. It took him over three hours to finish placing it in the eye.

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Doctor’s advice:

Before undertaking this adventurous act of placing the tricolor in his eye, UMT Raja had consulted a doctor. While doctors advised him against the idea as it could lead to allergies and itchy eyes, the artist decided to go ahead with the plan in order to raise awareness about the fight for the freedom of Indians. Finally, he managed to do it with special permission and under the guidance of experts.

The artist’s request:

After undertaking the arduous task before the 75e Independence Day miniature artist Raja advised the public not to try to imitate him as it may harm the eyes. He also warned that this task could lead to infections and serious eye problems if it goes wrong.

Why did he do that :

The miniature artist decided to do this in order to raise awareness of the Indian freedom struggle ahead of the 75th Independence Day. He himself posted it on social media to spread awareness of the Indian national flag. His post, however, received mixed reactions, with much appreciation as well as plenty of criticism for this dangerous act.


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