Dungeons & Dragons Tiamat Miniature is now available unpainted, get your brushes ready


Last month, WizKids released their biggest figure yet: the Gargantuan Tiamat. This “mini” for your D&D games stands over a foot tall and has a wingspan of two feet. Needless to say, it’s gigantic – even gargantuan – and makes a nice centerpiece for your D&D setup. Now, a month after its release, WizKids has announced an unpainted version of Tiamat, in case you’re looking for a bigger company.

Coming in February is this massive, unpainted beast. It’s exactly like the Tiamat released last month, but with no paint on it. Luckily, it’s primed, so you can jump right into it if you want. WizKids sent GameSpot an unpainted Tiamat to check out, and you can see some images below, compared to the painted Tiamat.


There is a bit of assembly for the statue, as both wings and the tail need to be attached. However, keeping them disassembled while you paint is probably the way to go, as this is a colossal undertaking. Just make sure you don’t fully attach the wings and then try to remove them, as this will damage the figure. While the painted version of this mini is $400, the unpainted Tiamat’s MSRP will be $350. It’s $50 cheaper, and you get a fun activity – one that will take a long time to complete. The gargantuan unpainted Tiamat is available for pre-order through WizKids.

“When we were sculpting the painted version of Tiamat, we all agreed that fans would want an unpainted version to test their painting skills…with gallons of paint,” explained the executive producer of RPG by Wizkids, Patrick O’Hagan. . He went on to say that he wanted people to create their own version of the “Queen of Dragons”.

If you’re looking for more of the world of painting D&D minis from WizKids, check out our first foray into the world of painting minis – yes, it’s a hobby I continue to partake in. As for D&D, the latest sourcebook is Strixhaven, which places players in a magical college where they must study for tests and make friends. There’s also a new Critical Role book hitting stores in March, which features rival NPC adventurers.


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