Elden Ring players are obsessed with making miniature Pot Boys


The Elden Ring Pot Boys became internet stars long before the game launched. has enthused the round receptacles ever since they set foot in the Lands Between.

Not content to simply admire them from afar, talk to the friendly Pot Boys they meet on their travels, or smash them to pieces in-game, many Elden Ring players have shown their love for the ceramic figures in recreating them in miniature form.

The Elden Ring subreddit has become a sanctuary where fans can show off their Pot Boy model creations. They rallied the gaming community, not around their shared affection for FromSoftware’s intricate open-world design, but their love for the game’s cast of cute crockery.

Take a look at this 3D printed model of Alexander, the Iron Fist – one of the most notable Pot Boys you’ll encounter in the game – which has been painted, weathered and even applied to a base.

A model of a Pot Boy from Elden Ring

(Image credit: RutoSenpai)

i_3d_printed_pot_dude_and_painted_him_d from r/Eldenring

The Redditor painted and posed the model after printing the resin miniature using a home 3D printer, and purchased the design online. It’s not uncommon. There are some ready-to-print 3D files on the internet that allow you to cook your own Pot Boy at home.

Another Redditor used a 3D printer design to create this diorama.

A model of a Pot Boy from Elden Ring

(Image credit: Studio-Guery)

elden_ring_potboy_joins_the_fight from r/minipainting

This hobbyist, meanwhile, has created a Pot Boy that’s closer to an action figure than a Warhammer model, with a removable lid.

A model of a Pot Boy from Elden Ring

(Image credit: romez_4)

pot_boy_good_boy_i_did_my_best_with_this_little from r/Eldenring

And then there are those who went in a whole new direction, like this Redditor who crocheted his own potty mate.

pot_boy_crocheted from r/Eldenring

When will the Pot Boy craze end? Who knows, but Elden Ring fans have been doing it for months, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop.

i_printed_and_painted_my_first_miniatures_ever from r/Eldenring

Analysis: Does the Elden Ring mascot need?

FromSoftware’s games might not strike you as the kind of titles that lend themselves to mascots. Their punishing difficulty usually doesn’t put you in the right frame of mind to start making friends. But they’re no stranger to iconic characters, whether it’s the Onion Knight in Dark Souls or the sadly named Fat Official in Demon’s Souls.

Margit, the Fell Omen might take on the role of Elden Ring’s most recognizable character, but the Pot Boys are surely a close second. It is not difficult to understand why. Besides looking incredibly stupid, they’re also some of the only NPCs in the game that don’t immediately try to kill you. It’s always a good start for any friendship.

If you’re not captivated by them, check out our Elden Ring weapons guide to find the best tools to open them with, or read our Elden Ring bosses guide to prepare for the journey ahead.

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