Festival retrospective brings art exhibits to New Romney


Tristan Fewings Tower

Submitted to the Folkestone Herald

Art takes over the foyer of the Marsh Academy Leisure Center year-round thanks to a new collaboration with the multi-arts festival JAM on the Marsh.

Throughout 2022, Romney Marsh photographer Susan Pilcher will curate exhibitions drawing inspiration from works exhibited over the past eight years of the festival.

The series of retrospectives begins with Tristan Fewings’ captivating, multi-award-winning photographic exhibition, Between the Sea and the Sky.

In his daily work, Tristan photographs for Getty Images, which specializes in fashion and entertainment; her assignments take her from the Cannes and Venice film festivals to working behind the scenes at fashion weeks in Milan and Paris.

As a frequent visitor to Romney Marsh’s unique coastline, Tristan first used it as his muse.

He said: ‘Standing on the sea wall at Littlestone, gazing across the English Channel to the horizon, feeling like a miniature under a huge sky, I fell in love with the space and landscape of Romney Marsh.

Rothko by Tristan Fewings

“A quick glance across the seemingly empty fields of the Marais reveals nothing but the vast sense of space. With your eye drawn to the constant horizon, it’s easy to get lost here under the vast sky as you walk with ghosts of lonely shepherds and smugglers lurking in abandoned ruins.

“Navigating this landscape is easy, there is no need for a map or a compass, you can see your destination from miles away, the man-made structures that dot the land here become the landmarks: the Martello towers echo the shape of the nuclear reactors at the bottom of the bay at Dungeness Littlestone’s water tower is tall and proud My favorite stretch is from Dymchurch to Littlestone.


The free exhibition can be viewed at the Marsh Academy Leisure Centre, New Romney, Kent, until mid-April. The Center is open Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To learn more about JAM on the Marsh, visit here.

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