From Heart to Canvas: Painting for Peace



“Back in school, I only had access to pencils and watercolors. Due to the versatility and transparency of the medium, watercolor became my favourite,” she recalls. “An art teacher helped me excel in this area. He encouraged me and taught me the nuances of the art. My parents also supported me and helped shape my career as an artist. Soni says it was during her childhood that her mother discovered an artist in her.

“She was the only person who continued to trust me that I would do something different with these colors,” she says.

Soni uses several techniques to depict the beauty of nature, people, environment and emotions on her canvas.

“I want to create an inclination in the minds of viewers to love nature, whether it’s a landscape, people or faith,” she says.

For most of her paintings, Soni takes direct references from site visits or refers to photographs shared by friends.

“To paint a conceptual subject, the teachings of our great philosophers are the inspiration,” she says.


“Art is my life. It transcends me into another world when I’m sitting in front of the canvas, I forget everything else. For me, it’s a passion,” says Soni. “All my work is done during the second half of the night when I have finished my family duties and take care of the children.” Elaborating on the storyline of the art, she says the art was about telling the story of her life.

“My art is a way of speaking to the world around me. The art is to tell the story of one’s life. This includes social life as well as fantasy worlds and unrealized dreams,” she says. “Due to my husband’s professional life, we continue to travel to many places on his new assignments. When I travel or even when I reflect, many things come to mind, which I try to bring out through my paintings.

Soni says that even in her spare time, certain ideas pop into her head.


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