Gucci launches its first-ever pet collection, featuring a £5,700 miniature sofa


Now pet owners can spoil their fur babies even more by outfitting them with complete Gucci pet gear.

Gucci launched its first collection of clothing, accessories and home items for pets, including miniature sofas, feeding mats and travel bags.

The Italian luxury fashion house’s new Gucci Pet collection is part of its Gucci Lifestyle line and prices range from £135 for a double G monogrammed AirTag case to £5,710 for a printed geometric G pet couch.

Other items in the range include leather collars and leashes with Gucci’s signature red and green stripes (£170-£400), cotton pet t-shirts in the brand’s Herbarium motif ( £220), leather bag holders (£285), woolen pet jumpers with strawberry prints (£345), printed bowls and silver brass bowl lids with fruit handles (£400-£610 ).

Gucci, which is committed to pursuing its sustainability goals, created the pet collection using recycled polyester, recycled cotton or Demetra, the house’s innovative fabric made from animal-free raw materials. from renewable sources.

The brand’s 10-year sustainability plan aims to guarantee the traceability of 95% of raw materials and to reduce the amount of leather processed during the manufacturing process.

The pet campaign, which features cats, corgis, dachshunds, chihuahuas and more, was captured by Namibian-German artist and photographer Max Siedentopf.

In one of the campaign photos, a Chihuahua is dressed in a fluffy pink sweater with matching headwear. In another, a corgi lounges on one of the pet print sofas while wearing a red and green striped Gucci collar.

A white Persian cat gazes majestically at the camera as it stands in front of a Gucci bowl with a bowl lid in another photo, while a fourth shows two tabby cats sitting next to a monogrammed carrier bag.

Sidentopf said he was “inspired by Gucci’s underlying vision of individuality – even when it comes to the pets among us – each animal’s personality is highlighted against colorful backgrounds in bold hues.”


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