Holy moly, these handmade miniature movie and TV sets are amazing


There really is no limit to the amount of creative genius in the world. And sometimes seeing the works of talented humans is all you need to regain your faith, or at least brighten your day a little.

Los Angeles-based artist Bridget McCarty creates incredibly realistic, yet tiny pieces with remarkable craftsmanship.

His Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are full of these intricate and elaborate mini-masterpieces, and even some amazing how-to videos that can help you get your own creativity flowing.

Looking at these creations, it is easy to forget that these models are actually only a few centimeters tall.

…that is, until you notice a “giant” hand in frame.

The serenity I felt upon seeing this small sushi restaurant cannot be expressed in mere words.

Just when you thought New York apartments couldn’t get any smaller.

McCarty also takes iconic sets from well-known movies and TV shows and recreates them – with exact detail – as miniature models.

When I say exact detail, I mean it.

“Seinfeld”, but make it small. Like, really small.

In this recreation of Jerry’s apartment from “Seinfeld,” McCarty offers a little trick for making tiny potato chips…using bell pepper seeds! How genius is that?

A “Jurassic Park” that could fit in your pocket.

Pro tip from McCarty’s behind-the-scenes video: If you’re doing this at home, remember you need to open the little fence so the little dinosaur can get out and cause a little mayhem.

The “Big Bang Theory”.

I think even the cynical Sheldon would approve of this Comic Center of Pasadena recreation of the popular sitcom.

Enter a fun-sized “Friends”.

Here is a 1:12 scale model of Monica’s kitchen. Could this be cooler?

Harry Potter and the Magic Tiny Pattern.

Looking at Flourish and Blotts, McCarty’s beloved wizarding world bookshop on Diagon Alley, I feel like a muggle.

“Star Wars” fans rejoice in this tiny baby Yoda.

… aka Grogu, for “mandalorian” purists.

Scary reduced.

Haunted Mansion fans were baffled by McCarty’s haunted ballroom, complete with ghostly pipe organ and glowing chandelier. In fact, according to her website, McCarty is a huge Disney fanatic and even provides art to galleries at Disney parks.

McCarty found this seven-inch house at a Michael’s craft store and decided it would be the perfect home for a little Gizmo.

Many McCarty rooms have working TVs (like, you can change channels and all), which can be found at Walmart. Who knew?

While currently on hiatus from Etsy, McCarty also creates the cutest custom pet miniatures. Like this dog.

Look at the fear on this guy’s face!

A coin-sized cat is also available and adorable.

Personally, I would like 500.

McCarty’s designs may be small, but they sure are a social media sensation. On TikTok alone, she has 110,000 followers.

His art is already so smart and creative, but seeing someone authentically living their passion makes it all the more inspiring.

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