How to Create Photos of Miniature Worlds Using Household Items


A few months ago, photographer and YouTuber Chris Hau stumbled upon Erin Sullivan’s Miniature World Photography and was absolutely blown away. So he decided to try this style for himself and show you exactly what you need to do to start capturing those miniature worlds at home.

We’ve shared many of these diorama features in the past – showing you the work of photographers like Ric Tse, Akiko Ida, and Tanaka Tatsuya, among others – but Hau is the first creator we’ve shared to document his journey trying out the process. for the first time. That way, it can tell you exactly what to buy, how to take those kinds of photos, and how to post-process the photos when you’re done.

You can see all the topics covered in the video (with timestamps) below:

  • Introduction and Inspiration – 0:00
  • Mini Supply Figures – 2:11
  • Photography and lighting gear you’ll need – 2:49
  • Behind the scenes filming 5 different photos – 4:01
  • Sponsor break – 7:49
  • Changing the post-processing speed – 9:37

As a bonus, Hau actually took each of his example photos using both an iPhone and a professional setup, so you don’t absolutely need an expensive camera or macro lens to get there. . This type of photography benefits the most from a great dose of creativity as you look around your home to find the right “environments” to create, whether it’s a sugar ski slope as you see here above, or eggshell igloos like Mr. Tatsuya created 6 years ago.

Watch the full video up top for some stuck-at-home inspiration, then dive into the PetaPixel archives to see some of our previous miniature world features if you want to see even more.

(via Fstoppers)


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