If Little Things Give You Big Chills, Check Out These Miniature TikTok Artists

(Source, left: @friendsminiature/TikTok; middle: @ibuildsmallthings/TikTok; right: @rosamoran2020/TikTok)

Making dollhouse miniatures takes precision, skill, and patience to capture the finest details of architecture, interior design, furniture, decor, and landscaping at a time. so small scale. Miniaturists have been building these tiny houses since the 17th century in northern Europe – mainly in Germany, Holland and England – where dollhouses were commissioned and placed in homes to display opulence and status.

Flash forward to today, where the art form found its way online, attracting massive audiences. Popular YouTube channels like small kitchen, which launched in 2017, shows doll-sized portions of food being made. Both Instagram and TikTok have seen an increase in thumbnail likes and pros breathe new life into this long-loved hobby and share playful and ingenious designs that you won’t believe are so small.

If the new competitive – and very bingeable – reality TV show, The best in miniature (now airing on CBC Gem), ignites your fascination with the hobby and the amazing people around the world who do it, so you might also want to fill your TikTok feed with these 10 creators.

Revive the minis
Toronto’s Briar Nielsen paid homage to his Canadian roots by creating, among other things, a tiny packet of Timbits. His work can also be seen (and purchased) in her Etsy shop.

Little House of Lights
This TikTokker not only shows the finished dollhouse, but the individual elements needed to make each piece feel authentic and perfectly detailed. They also stay engaged by responding to comments, questions, and sometimes user requests.

miniature pandas
Miniaturist Amanda Kelly says his work engages the viewer with the “tiny details of unoccupied spaces that form a complex narrative”.

Miniature friends
Arguably one of the most popular sitcoms of the 90s, Friends‘ was immortalized on TikTok by this couple of miniaturists from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who took the show’s memorable sets and scaled them down.

I build small things
Chris Toledo is a miniature artist living in Los Angeles who builds and sells exquisite reproductions of early 20th century interiors.

D.Thomas Miniatures
This miniaturist is also a dealer, collector and sometimes auctioneer, who showcases the works of others on his TikTok account. He also hosts a YouTube series called Meet the miniaturist.

Rosa Moran
This miniature craftsman’s eye for home decor is on full display on his TikTok account. She also appeared on D. Thomas’ Meet the miniaturist!

Cassie Leigh Art
This unique narrative tells a macabre tale with each creation, constructing notorious murder scenes in miniature. Be warned though, some of these mini rooms are based on real events.

Charm from the bridge to the farm
This charming TikTok account not only shows off the mini furniture’s detailed craftsmanship, but also their DIY prowess in renovating dollhouses.

Southern Gothic Dollhouse
In the macabre and the gothic? This TikTokker’s dollhouse has the most intricate and grotesque details for a truly spooky mini haunted house.

Check out the new reality show The best in miniature on CBC Gem, where you can watch 11 artists compete as they build their dream miniature home.


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