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Kellie exhibits her work at the Westgate Galleria

Margate-born and now-based artist Kellie Hogben exhibits her work on Westgate Galleria’s guest wall for the month.

While studying fine art at the University of the Creative Arts (Canterbury), she became famous for her obsession with depicting teacups in oils and colored pencil and was nicknamed ‘the lady of the cup of tea”. She later found inspiration in her “day jobs” at various arts organizations and fell in love with the local geography and architecture.

Working without a designated studio and wanting to keep cat hair out of his painting, his art has narrowed down over the years, culminating in miniature acrylic landscapes and intricate pen work affectionately known as “doodles”. Always hyper-fixated on minute details – recently revealed to be a symptom of a previously overlooked ADHD – Kellie often depicts typically overlooked subjects, such as rooftops and horizons, or delicate patterns in foliage or folded fabric.

Kellie exhibited her ‘Viking Bay, Broadstairs’ illustration at the Turner Contemporary Open last year, where it was displayed right next to Tracey Emin’s submission. There is now a second opportunity to view this work, alongside a piece in a similar style from Ramsgate Harbor which is being shown publicly for the first time at the Westgate Galleria exhibition.

Original and limited edition prints are for sale, and prints are available framed and unframed. Kellie also produces unique hand-drawn greeting cards as an affordable way for people to own or gift original artwork.

Kellie has exhibited throughout the Southeast; notably at the Turner Contemporary Open in 2021, but also at the Festival of Cats, POW! Thanet, Pie Factory Margate, Marlowe Theater and, of course, Westgate Galleria.

The exhibition runs until Wednesday, September 28. Admission is free, nearby parking is free, and the Galleria is open every day except Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Westgate Galleria is on Station Road.

A vernissage will take place on Saturday, September 10, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., to which everyone is invited, to appreciate the work around a light refreshment and meet the artist. You can also meet the artist on Monday, September 12, when Kellie will be in the gallery, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., creating new work.

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