Meet a Pakistani Miniature Artist Who Invents the World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner


Published on August 31, 2021 7:32 p.m.

Interview with a world renowned artist known for his tiny pencil lead artwork

LAHORE (Web Desk) – Ahsan Qayyum, a Pakistani record-holding miniature artist, has broken another record and entered the Guinness Book of World Records again after inventing the smallest vacuum cleaner.

This was revealed by Ahsan Qayyum on Lahore News HD morning show “Jaago Lahore” with Muneeba Asif.

It is pertinent to mention here that the globally recognized miniature artist is known for his tiny works of art made with pencils and pencil leads. Qayyum set the first world record was a chain of 75 links made with pencil lead.

During the interview, the Pakistani miniature artist said that he got another record in the Guinness World Records, by making the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner.

Explaining the procedure of making the smaller vacuum cleaner, Ahsan Qayyum said that he carved the wood of the pencil from the inside and placed the machine inside. “It is fully operational. It is an electrically powered device, which sucks debris/dust inside by suction resulting from negative internal pressure,” he added.

Asked how he came up with the idea to make a vacuum cleaner, the Pakistani miniature artist said it was last year, in March, when he came across the Guinness World Record website , the smallest vacuum cleaner in the world, made by an Indian miniature artist.

“I decided to break the record and made the official attempt, after four months of planning, in October. “I executed my attempt to make a vacuum cleaner as small as 1.9 cm, given the record Indian 2.9cm vacuum cleaner,” he said.

“Breaking the Indian miniature artist’s record with a vacuum cleaner 1.4cm long, I finally led him to be recognized by Guinness World Records as the record holder for the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner, measuring just 1 .3cm,” Qayyum said.

“I always feel happy after my last efforts to break records and I cannot express my feelings with words. I have been working in this field for six years. I joined this creative nature work after inspiring the Russian artist. Experiencing god gifted skills, I started doing many arts and then felt lucky to get these achievements on the world recognized organization (Guinness), he said answering a question from an interviewer.

To another question about the first record in 2019, the artist also said that the first world record was a chain of 75 links made with a pencil lead, suspended from an Rs6 pencil. “This first record had broken another Indian artist’s record of a chain of 58 links made on the same support,” he mentioned.

Many of Qayyum’s unique artworks were also exhibited during the interview and he was told about his artworks as well as his hard work. Not only Ahsan is renowned in Pakistan, but he is also gaining worldwide popularity with his unique, beautiful and creative artworks.


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