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If you take a closer look at Grant’s Old Mill Park in St. James, you might find something quite special – small wooden reindeer scenes scattered around the park.

Kim Wyer noticed the scenes. Wyer and her grandchildren started seeing the reindeer in March when the pandemic first hit, she said.

“Suddenly the world shut down for a lot of kids. I mean, the parks were empty, you couldn’t go to school…it took the kids out.

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The man at work to create these pieces is Paul Lellier. He has been quietly creating and placing his reindeer scenes in the park since March, hoping to lift the spirits of people in our community, he said.

“When COVID-19 arrived in March, I was locked down pretty much like everyone else and needed to do something to lift my spirits.”

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Over eight months and hundreds of small, intricate reindeer scenes later, Lellier has done just that.

Most nights, you can find him showcasing one of his more intricate models in the park.

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The other smaller models stay off all the time, occasionally being turned off so people can experience something new each time they visit.

With snow and colder temperatures on the way and COVID-19 restrictions turning red, Lellier is determined to keep going through the winter.

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