Miniature artist takes aim at Guinness Records and aspires to become a civil servant – The New Indian Express


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ONGOLE: Expert in miniature art, Annam Mahita, 20, engraved 67,230 sloka letters from the Mahabharata epic on 810 pencil leads. After the feat, she now wants to get her name in the Guinness World Records book by creating miniature art with verses from the Holy Quran and Bible in Arabic and Hebrew respectively.

Born into a modest family in the village of Swarna in Chirala Mandal, Mahita had problems concentrating on her studies after which her brother and her teachers suggested that she practice miniature art on pieces of chalk. What started as a way to improve his concentration in studies eventually became his passion.

Mahita started by working on crayons, rice and other food grains and created micro-shapes of the Indian national flag, Lord Ganesh, birds, deer and stars, which made her a celebrity among his friends. Explaining her art, she said, “Making an etching on pencil lead or grain requires a lot of time and great concentration. I have now reached a state where I can sit for hours together and focus on my studies. If anyone asks me, I will give them the same suggestion that my teacher gave me a long time ago.

“Practicing miniature art helped me increase my focus as I learned patience and dedication.” Mahita, who has completed her Bachelor of Commerce, wants to become a civil servant. “Although our finances are poor, we never discourage our children from pursuing their ambitions. My son is an engineer, that’s what he wanted. For Mahita, I bought a lot of pencils. One day, a trader told me that the amount of pencils I had bought could earn me a lot of money if I sold them,” his father Narasimha Rao joked.


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