Miniature Ganesh idols made of ice cream incense sticks in Odisha


Berhampur, Aug 31 (PTI) Two sculptors from Odisha city in Berhampur have made miniature Ganesh idols using matches, ice cream and incense sticks on Wednesday’s Ganesh Chaturthi.
Hara Gobind Moharana, a mechanic, made a seven-cm-tall Ganesh out of a kilo of incense sticks, while Satya Moharana, a businessman, made seven idols using “chumki” or decorative stars and ice cream sticks.
Satya, 40, who usually makes miniature idols of gods and goddesses at major festivals, said it took him a day to make the seven idols.
“I made them by carefully carving the sticks and antlers, then glued the chumki to make them more attractive,” he said.
There was “no iron nail” used to make the idols, he added.
Similarly, Hara Gobind said that he took about half an hour to shape the Ganesh idol into a packet of incense.
Previously, the 50-year-old had made Ganesh idols in Harada and Bahada, in crystal, pencil and soap.
Like him, Satya had also made the miniature idols of Ganesh using crystal, chalks, scrap newspapers, wood and other materials the previous year.
“With making this miniature sculpture using scraps, I want to convey the message that scraps can also be used to make attractive artifacts,” Satya said. PTI COR HMB


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