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It’s the most magical time of the year in Magic Town.

The miniaturized 3,000 square foot neighborhood inside the Michael Garman Gallery in Old Town Colorado is always a place to get lost in the detail lurking around the handcrafted buildings and alleyways.

There’s even more to see as the exhibit dresses up for the holiday season. Christmas in Magic Town, which includes themed characters, holograms, lights and props, is on display until December 31.

The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery’s Magic Town exhibit will be holiday-themed until December 31.

It’s the first Christmas there since the death of its namesake and creator. Michael Garman, who opened Magic Town in 1985, died in October.

Miniature streets, homes, restaurants and bars only began receiving Christmas decorations in 2013 to attract more visitors during a slower tourism period in Old Town Colorado, the director Justin Sheldon. Magic Town also gets spooky decorations every October for Halloween.

Christmas, however, is the biggest transformation of the year for the small village. The gallery, which is usually open every day, closed for two days to give staff members time to do the complex work of adding more than 100 seasonal items to Magic Town.


The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery’s Magic Town exhibit is getting Christmas touches for the holiday season.

“If you walk through a city at Christmas, that’s what you expect to see,” Sheldon said. “That’s how we want it to look like.”

The festive look is all over town. There are lights in trees and Christmas trees on balconies and inside houses. There is a corner where Christmas trees are for sale and some sightings of Santa Claus.


The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery’s Magic Town exhibit is getting Christmas touches for the holiday season.

In addition to props such as glitter-wrapped gifts and stockings, Magic Town is temporarily home to some of Garman’s seasonal sculptures, such as a Santa Claus.

“It gives Magic Town a different vibe,” Sheldon said. “It appeals to those who would love his work at any time and want to celebrate Christmas.”


The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery’s Magic Town exhibit is dressed up in a few Christmas-themed details.

Part of the fun is hunting down the details, with the help of a scavenger hunt included in the price of admission.

“People make it a family tradition to come here,” he said. “They want to see how we decorated this year.”

And to see how different the city is from the rest of the year.


Some characters wear Santa hats in the Christmas-themed Magic Town exhibit.

An example can be found in the cinema. “Casablanca” is usually playing, but there’s a sign for a Christmas Eve screening of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Inside the theater, you can spot a holographic Mrs. Claus making popcorn.


Magic Town is temporarily home to a batch of Christmas trees and other holiday-themed details.

Elsewhere, gingerbread cookies can be spotted on the pizzeria counter. A Christmas carol can be heard playing from the bar around the corner.

“The details make it a complete experience,” Sheldon said. “People who come here always feel like there’s something new to discover.”


Christmas details such as lights, wrapped presents and decorated trees have been added to the Michael Garman Museum & Gallery’s Magic Town exhibit for the holiday season.


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