Miniature model of Puri Jagannath temple by Odisha Teen is a beautiful work of art


After earning a place in the Indian and Asian record books, artist Dilip Moharana from Berhampur in Odisha has created a miniature wooden replica of the Shree Jagannath temple located in Puri. The 18-year-old never visited the temple, but his uncle guided him in his project.

He built a 5.5 inch temple with a 4 inch base. The inner enclosure is engraved with more than 10 large and small temples, four gates, lion, horse, tiger and elephant gates, Arun pillar and Sri Jagannath Patitapaban idol from 1 mm. It took Dilip more than a month to build the temple. Inside the temple, Meghnad Pacheri, Main Jagmohan Temple, Bhog Mandapa, Neelchakra and the fallen Pawan Bana are also under construction. He also made models of Snana Mandap, Aruna Stambha and the fourth gates of the temple.

In addition to this, the still-educated teenager has also built a temple of Lord Shri Ram and a thumb-sized idol of Goddess Durga. Under the direction of his uncle, he made miniatures of the Bimala Temple, the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of Ganesh.

Speaking to News18, he said: ‘I haven’t seen Lord Jagannath’s temple, but I saw it through art and my uncle’s help.

The artist’s father, Bhagaban Moharana, added: “I am happy to see my son’s achievements. He received a lot of praise for his talent.”

(Reporting by Kailash Behera)

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