Miniature motorized RC car is massively impressive


Small is often subjective. For example, a school bus is small compared to an Airbus A380. But other things are just small in themselves and don’t need comparison to make the point. This is the case with this micro RC car in the video below the break. It is an RC model of the Smart Car, which compared to other vehicles on the road is quite small, both subjectively and absolutely. But the outward appearance of [diorama111]The project only tells half the story.

Starting as a static display model, [diorama111] completely disassembled the 1/87 scale Smart Car and got to work. Fully proportional steering is achieved with a very, very small stepper motor that drives custom joints attached to a handmade suspension. They are works of art in their own right.

Do your projects need tweezers for assembly?

The drive is powered by another small stepper motor. Yes [diorama111] had it stopped there, it would have been equally remarkable to see a 1/87 Smart Car doing figure eights around little bottles of model paint. In place, [diorama111] keep on going! The car has turn signals, brake lights (including 3rd taillight in the rear window!) and working headlights. There is even a function for the hazard warning lights.

The electronics are entirely hand-built using enamel wire and SMD components on a punched board, and are a study in miniaturization in their own right. An ATtiny processor seems perfectly at home in this design. We admire [diorama111]It’s steady hands and patience to build such a small RC car, not to mention such attention to detail.

If scaled-down hacks like this float your thimble-sized boat, you might also appreciate this precious little PDP-11 and its terminal.

Thanks to [furby73] for the good tip!


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