Mouthful Expands Miniature Comedy Festival


Mouthful is launching the Boosted campaign to help bring the Miniature Comedy Festival back to the streets of Tāmaki Makaurau this summer.

After a sold-out first tour on Karangahape Road in 2021, Mouthful is crowdfunding to make this festival accessible to a wider audience.

This fast-paced, three-day festival began as a way to showcase the active and ever-growing comedy community of Tāmaki Makaurau. Mouthful, the pseudonym of local producer Conor Dunbar, plans to continue this effort.

Conor Dunbar is committed to ensuring that performers are paid their fair value, that the team receives a living wage, and that ticket prices are kept affordable. With this in mind, Mouthful launched a Boosted campaign to raise funds to help them stick to this ethos.

Shares Conor, “It will cost us around $15,000 to put on this festival, and we want to raise $4,000 with the help of our fantastic audience. Live performers have suffered a loss of income and opportunity during the pandemic. With that in mind, Mouthful has decided to pack as many paying opportunities as possible into three action-packed nights this summer.”

“With the help of this campaign, we can take the Miniature Comedy Festival outside of Auckland Central, making it accessible to a wider audience. We are looking for a space where we can schedule simultaneous shows, creating more space so artists can showcase their work.”


Through donations, Mouthful can:

Keep ticket prices low. Conor doesn’t want price to be a barrier to experiencing local art. If they reach their fundraising goal, all tickets will be under $20.

Pay artists at fair value. Artists deserve fair compensation for their mahi. Your donations help us pay artists at or above industry standards.

Pay the crew a living wage.
Mouth shows would not be possible without an exceptional team. With enough donations, the festival can continue to pay a living wage.

Mouthful is committed to delivering a festival that celebrates and reflects the quality and variety of comedy in Aotearoa. The Miniature Comedy Festival is coming to Tāmaki Makaurau this summer thanks to Auckland Council Arts Comeback Fund, Boosted and you!

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