Norfolk woman to enter More4 miniature craft competition


A Norfolk woman is about to enter a competition that tests the miniature making skills of 10 amateur craftsmen. Contestants will come from across Britain and will be judged weekly by record-breaking micro-sculptor Dr Willard Wigan MBE and interior design guru Laura Jackson.

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge will be presented by Sandi Toksvig and over eight episodes, contestants will transform an abandoned mini-mansion into the ultimate fantasy home. Working as a team, artisans will need to turn big ideas into small crafts as they work together to fully furnish the home piece by piece.

Representing Norfolk will be Nadia Michaux who says she “lives and breathes miniatures”. Nadia, 38, grew up in Southeast Asia where she fell in love with Polly Pocket and all things tiny. She previously worked in public relations and events, but decided to give it all up for a quieter life in rural Norfolk with her husband and their dog. Nadia’s miniatures are themed around sweet treats. From cupcakes to miniature candies, they would be the perfect accompaniment to a small dining table.

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Each room in the house should have a different interior design theme from history, from regency to art deco. From small tables to toilets, curtains to food, everything made for the pipe will shrink to one-twelfth its usual size.

World-record-holding micro-sculptor Dr. Willard Wigan MBE and interior design guru Laura Jackson are responsible for judging the results, slashing the miniaturists piece by piece, week by week. Only when the mini-mansion is completed can a person be crowned champion of the Great Big Tiny Design Challenge.

Pictured: (LR) Beth Krum, Nadia Michaux, Thomas Murray, Michael Robbins, Dr Willard Wigan MBE, Sandi Toksvig, Bexie Bush, Laura Jackson, Elizabeth Joseph, Matthew Docherty, Dominic Kane and Sharon Harvey.

Miniature enthusiast Sandi Toksvig oversees all the action, seeing the work up close and personal as she shrinks down to take a quick tour of the finished pieces. Sandi also visits some of Britain’s classiest homes as she discovers over 500 years of incredible interior design in all its life-size glory.

She said: “I mainly went on the show because I didn’t think they would find another right-sized presenter. I was destined to do it. I didn’t realize until ‘I get asked about this show how many people are interested in the world of miniatures and it’s the diversity of people too, there’s a lot of very young people, I talked to friends about it when we were having dinner and their 18 year old said ‘oh miniatures are my thing’ and showed me all these houses she had made, it can quickly become obsessive.

In the first episode, which airs on More4 on March 27 at 9 p.m., contestants arrive at a Devonshire stately home where their abandoned mini-mansions will be revealed for the first time. Their first task will be to make mini busts of themselves before working as a team to design a mini dining room complete with mini foods.


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