Opening of the “reward of traditional art” exhibition at the CUI


Islamabad: An “Award of Traditional Art” art exhibition opened at Comsats University Islamabad (CUI) Art Gallery on Friday.

The show is a solo exhibition of miniatures and calligraphy by renowned artist Shabana Nazir. The show was inaugurated by the Rector of Comsats University, Islamabad, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tabassum Afzal.

Also present at the occasion were eminent miniature artist Ustaad Bashir Ahmed, former executive director of the National Arts Council of Pakistan, Jamal Shah and executive director of the Pakistan-China Institute, Mustafa Haider Syed.

Speaking on the occasion, miniature guru Ustaad Bashir Ahmed praised Shabana Nazir’s work. He said nothing makes a teacher happier than the success of his own students and Shabana is one of those students whose work made me proud. She has been practicing miniature and calligraphy for over 18 years now and it is reflected in her excellent work.

Ustaad Bashir has won the Pride of Performance in 2019 for his contribution to the artworks of the Government of Pakistan along with many other prestigious awards including the Chughtai Prize.

Renowned artist Jamal Shah said on the occasion that artists are sensitive to the environment around them and work selflessly to positively shape their society.

Speaking on the occasion, the Executive Director of the Pakistan-China Institute, Mustafa Syed Hyder, expressed his pleasure for the start of the art exhibition on traditional art. It is a great pleasure for me that traditional art and its techniques are transmitted to future generations through the legends of art. He added: The way Shabana portrayed South Asian culture in his work promotes inclusiveness, gender equality and tolerance in a society.

Professor Muhammad Tabassum Afzal, Rector of CUI, at the inauguration of the exhibition, said that the promotion of art is a sign of a healthy and progressive society and that CUI actively organizes exhibitions which present the works of art. art of Pakistan’s greatest assets, its creative painters, calligraphers and artists.

Comsats Art Gallery in charge congratulated Sahabana Nazir for the opening of her solo exhibition at Comsats Art Gallery.

Speaking on the occasion, she said, “The fine detail and excellence of Shabana’s work speaks for itself for the hard work she put into her job. The perfection in the use of color and the precision of his strokes are astonishing and fascinate the public. It reflected his skills in all miniature painting techniques such as pencil, ‘siyah qallam’ and ‘guchrang’.


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