Peep Show Zoom Miniature Art


The Ann Bryant Art Gallery’s Peep Show exhibition is currently on view through September 10.

The exhibition includes intricate miniature paintings, drawings, pottery and ceramics.

The detail that many artists capture in their miniature art is part of what makes this exhibit worth seeing.

“We have a variety of art here. We have ceramics and sculptures.

“I sometimes describe the art of the peep show as what you would see if you looked through a little keyhole.

“That’s why we have a peep show, to show little art and highlight the intricate details created using the peep show technique.

“The variety we have here is some of the best we’ve seen,” said Barry Gibb, a well-known art critic who has worked with the Ann Bryant Art Gallery many times. The exhibition also features small pottery works by local artist Gwyneth Lloyd.

Lloyd said creating his small works has been an interesting challenge.

“It was not very difficult to make these small pieces, but I usually make very large vases. The techniques are always the same but everything must be reduced.

“Each step takes a few days. I rarely use paints because the natural colors of the clay come out so well.

Some of the other artists who submitted work are Margery Bradfield, Karen Kew, Leon du Preez, Barry Gibb, Bernadette Taylor, Heather Spilsbury, Claudi Kriel and students from Lovedale Tvet College who submitted work as part of their courses.


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