Preview: CBC Gem goes small with Best in Miniature


We have a dollhouse at home. This is an antique passed down to my girlfriend of the family before her. Delicate, its walls have threadbare patterns, the curtains are a bit worn and I’m afraid to touch them lest something crumble. Still, it’s cool to look at and admire the skill that went into building it and the little pieces of furniture it contains.

The history of dollhouses and the ingenuity behind them and their creators are on display in The best in miniature.

Available now on Gem of Radio-Canadathe latest creation from marblemedia, it’s the production company behind the ingenious Soufflé, Race against the tide and Landscaper of the Year— pits 11 artists against each other as they create the ultimate miniature house. Hosted by Aba Amuquandoh and judged by Emma Waddell and Michael Lambie, The best in miniature highlights something that may not be appreciated or known by many.

In the first episode, “Open House”, Amuquandoh introduces the contestants, along with judges Waddell, who is credited as the “world’s only interior designer for miniature homes”, and Lambie, a design artist. Then it’s time to get to work as participants only have a few hours to create a miniature house from scratch. Competitors like Tom, Phillip and Susette make an immediate impression with their designs, vision and confidence. Others? Well, let’s just say that time management becomes an issue.

Subsequent episodes follow the dwindling pool of participants as they fill the bathroom, living room, dining room, and bedrooms of their homes with furniture while participating in side projects that showcase their ingenuity.

As Soufflé (glass blowing), Race against the tide (sand sculptures) and Landscaper of the Year, Best in Miniature raises the (small) curtain on a unique and famous art form.

Season 1 of The best in miniature is available on Gem of Radio-Canada.

Image courtesy of CBC.



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