Saudi fighters featured in miniature art exhibit in Egypt


The miniature art exhibition in Egypt featured various miniature models and planes, tanks, boats and cars made of plastic, cardboard and wood.

The fourth edition of the Miniature Exhibition is organized by the Egyptian Scale Modeling Club and is held in Cairo at the Opera, with dozens of amateurs and professionals.

Among the replicas, a group of Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft models were displayed, drawing visitors to the exhibition.

Egyptian engineer Sayed Fouad, one of the organizers, told Asharq Al-Awsat that he always liked planes and the air force because his father worked in the Egyptian air force .

In recent years, Fouad has executed dozens of Egyptian fighter aircraft models. However, he began to build Arab models, starting with the Saudi Royal Air Force.

He built several planes, the last of which was the Eurofighter Typhoon with the 10th Squadron logo numbered 1001.

Speaking of the exhibition, Fouad explains that 50 exhibitors took part in the fourth edition, which is a significant number compared to the first exhibition, which included five artists. He also indicated that this exhibition contains various display cases for all ages, with unique pieces for children.

Mohammed Tamer, 14, took part in the exhibition for the first time with a model of the Eiffel Tower made entirely from wooden sticks.

The exhibition also presents for the first time works of recycling of scrap metal. Amir Fayek exhibited unique pieces with reused wood and metal.

Fayek told Asharq Al-Awsat that he used waste and reused materials to produce his models, such as cameras, motorcycles and guns.

He explained that he recycles the materials and uses them together to produce three-dimensional works, a hobby he started a few years ago.

“I started by experimenting with collecting abandoned pieces in my house until I got a handle on them in no time,” said Fayek, noting that experimentation and imagination can help produce works of art. art.

This is the first time that Fayek has taken part in the exhibition, noting that he was introduced to the works of his fellow exhibitors, which inspired him to experiment with models similar to their pieces but made from scrap metal, this which is inexpensive compared to the materials they use.

Engineer Hatem Othman used his talent to document the World Wars, presenting model scenes from each battle.

Othman had models representing the countries that fought each war, such as the Korean War and the wars between Egypt and Israel, the Lebanon War of 1982, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War between Iran and the ‘Iraq.

Othman explained that he always enjoyed reading about wars and researching information about tanks and armored vehicles.


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