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Students from Ocean Avenue Elementary School in Northport participated in an expanded cities unit of
physical education, which transformed their gymnasium into a miniature city.

Complete with a ‘pet house’, ‘cinema room’, swing set, ‘bank’ and more, the students used
scooters to move around the city. For each lap of the track, the students collected a
dollar that could be used to buy tickets for each of the different activities or shops
around the city.

Students from all elementary years participated in the unit, which lasts eight weeks.

Names of Harborfields Valedictorian, Salutatorian

Harborfields High School has announced the valedictorian and salutatorian for its Class of 2022.

Jacob Siegel was named valedictorian and Christopher Qi, salute. Siegel will attend Northwestern University; Qi is undecided about where to go to college, but plans to become a doctor.

Featured art

Walt Whitman artists are featured in the High Arts Showcase XVIII at the Huntington Arts Council!

The exhibition is on view at the Main Street Gallery, 213 Main St. Huntington, as well as online at until April 9.

Talking about Down syndrome

John’s Crazy Socks co-founder John Cronin recently visited Kelly Lewis’ class at Washington Drive Elementary School in the Harborfields School District as part of Down Syndrome awareness. The students participated in the dance and listened to Cronin’s speech about his company and its beginnings.

“I’m really grateful, and it’s nice to see my hard work paying off,” Siegel said. “I’m glad I was able to graduate with this class because I’m surrounded by so many smart kids and we all strive to do our best. I don’t think I’d be able to do this without all the world around me. Qi set high standards for himself by enrolling in the most rigorous courses in high school and managed to achieve a cumulative GPA that puts him in the top echelons of the class of 2022. Science has always been his favorite subject, and he has always excelled in the plethora of science courses he has taken while also excelling in his additional advanced science research courses.Although he is mostly passionate about science, he is an inquisitive learner and enthusiastic about all disciplines. A talented athlete, Qi started playing tennis later than most, but due to his drive, determination and dedication, he was selected to be captain of the varsity team. re and earned All-County and All-State honors. He shares his love and enthusiasm for sport with young people through his volunteer work and through his part-time job, serving as an excellent role model for the young people he works with. Qi plans to study chemistry after graduation, with the ultimate goal of becoming a doctor. He is currently undecided about which university he will attend. “Chris is an amazing young man and one of the brightest people to walk the halls of Harborfields High School,” said school trustee Sylvia Sales. “He is very motivated and also very popular, funny and kind. Christopher’s potential is limitless and we can’t wait to hear about his future accomplishments, as we’re sure there will be plenty. “I’m really grateful to all the teachers who taught me the material,” Qi said. “It’s a lot of work and I’m grateful for it.”


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