SEGA Scale! The games company’s biggest consoles recreated in miniature for your characters to play with


The package includes tiny versions of cartridges and reference CDs, and even their cases.

If you are a fan of anime and video games, chances are you have a figure or two of your favorite characters, which you proudly display to show how much you admire their personality, looks, and story. But if you really love your minifigures, aren’t you doing them a disservice by just sticking them on a shelf or in the corner of your desk doing nothing?

Just as you wouldn’t want to be on your feet all day, your figures need entertainment, and what better way to fill their free time than by giving them scaled versions of Sega video game hardware and software to play with?

▼ Extra points if your characters are Sega video game characters themselves, like with the original virtual fighter versions of Akira and Sarah here.

Extraordinary Japanese Figure Maker Good Smile Company make it Figma Plus Sega Hardware set, a set of Sega systems sized for its famous line of Figma figures. You get a total of five systems from Sega’s glory days before they capitulate in the console wars, each coming with a controller plus the box and cartridge/CD of one of the most memorable games of this generation.

Starting things is in 1985 Master systemwith Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Next is the system that really put Sega on the home video game map, back in 1988 Mega Drive (known as the Genesis in North America) with sonic the hedgehog.

▼ The Japanese Sonic cover is perhaps one of the most “Japanese early 90s” works of art ever made.

Be a handheld, 1990s play equipmentaccompanied by Puyo Puyo 2 (a.k.a Puyo Puyo Tsu), is the only system without a separate controller.

▼ It’s even more compact than the recently announced Game Gear Micro.

The era of the standard game on CD is inaugurated with the years 1994 Saturnsporting its original Japanese spec bluish gray casing, not the jet black exterior it got in North America, with .

And finally we come to Sega’s last home console, 1998 Dreamcastwith its software library represented by Channel 5 Spacethe extra-quirky, sci-fi-themed Simon Says-style beat with a Michael Jackson cameo.

Channel 5 Space star Ulala and one of her alien adversaries/dance partners.

▼ In addition to systems and games, you also get an assortment of Figma hands designed to grip controllers.

Similar to how you had to wait until Christmas to get your shiny new video game systems, the Figma Plus Sega line of hardware, priced at 3,600 yen (US$34) doesn’t ship until December, but pre-orders are open now via the Good Smile Online Store here.

Source: Good Smile Company via IT Media
Images: Good Smile Company
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