SpaceX-inspired pen sits majestically on your desk like a miniature Moon Lander replica


Named “Nominal,” after the term used at launch when all goes well and according to plan, this space-inspired pen takes the form of a miniature lunar lander, in honor of the company’s renewed efforts. NASA and SpaceX to return to the Moon.

Nominal is a space pen with a difference. It’s not like the space pens of the 90s – now known as gel pens, which can write upside down. This pen literally embodies space, with its pitcher-inspired design. Inspired by the Moon Lander that will hopefully place humans on our closest cosmic neighbor once again, the Nominal Moon Lander Pen features a sleek, simple design that can sit upright on any surface.

Creator: Mercator London

Click here to buy now: $68 $75 (10% discount with promo code “YANKO_ML_10”). Hurry, offer ends June 5th.

The pen comes with an immaculate brushed stainless steel finish, comprised of 18 individually CNC machined components. It weighs 66 grams, which makes it heavy enough to feel really good in the hand, without being too heavy to become bulky.

Open the cap (or detach the module, as they say), and under it is the handle of the stylus, with a hexagonal pattern resembling the lander’s heat shield. This isn’t the only hidden easter egg. Look at the base of the pen and you’ll notice 29 recessed dots, modeled to represent the original Super Heavy Booster’s 29 Raptor engines.

NOMINAL Moon Lander Platform – Includes a fine print photograph of the Moon’s surface. It also fits an Apple MagSafe wireless charger.

NOMINAL Pen – Inspired by the SpaceX rocket with retractable mechanical legs and magnetic capsule.

NOMINAL Pen – In brushed steel or dark bronze.

This isn’t Nominal’s first pen. Their first pen (image above) was a 2020 Kickstarter hit and was modeled after the Falcon 9 rocket. It even came with retractable feet which gave the pen an undeniable authenticity and coolness. The Moon Lander pen is the company’s second writing instrument, designed for our future space expeditions. It comes with a detachable base that lets you swap out and replace the Schmidt P950M Medium Black pressurized refill inside, and is packaged in a sleek black case that makes it a great gift for space enthusiasts. .although I recommend pairing with the Nominal Moon Lander rig which has a great crater surface that forms the scene base for your pen. Oh, the platform also lets you plug in an Apple MagSafe charger, turning the moon’s surface into a wireless iPhone charger!

Click here to buy now: $68 $75 (10% discount with promo code “YANKO_ML_10”). Hurry, offer ends June 5th.


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