The ‘Great British Spraycation’: Banksy’s miniature model sells for over a million euros


A secret work of British graffiti artist Banksy which the anonymous artist snuck into a model village in the UK sold for £1.2m.

The small stable, which is spray-painted with the artist’s phrase ‘Go Big or Go Home’, was discovered last August at Merrivale Model Village, Norfolk, and has been described by the owners of the attraction as a ‘buoy safety “.

A sale was confirmed two minutes into the item’s auction by a buyer over the phone. The offer, of just under one million euros, was reinforced by a purchase premium of 26.4%.

Newcastle-based auction house Anderson & Gowland was in charge of the day’s proceedings, selling the model alongside two separate memorabilia sets from the artist’s ‘Dismaland’ theme park display in 2015.

Original owners Frank and Frances Newsome, who run the model village in Norfolk, UK, described how the artwork went unnoticed for two days before being pointed out by a visitor.

The disruptive piece is part of Banksy’s ‘Great British Spraycation’; a collection of street art along the east coast of the UK which took place in the summer of 2021.

The artist is believed to have used diversionary tactics (a drone) to evade discovery as he planted the stable in the unsuspecting Model Village.

The model carries a story shrouded in mystery

Prior to its sale, Merrivale Stable had been displayed at the Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery as part of an urban art exhibition.

It is said to have brought the museum its most successful Christmas and New Year period ever.

The owners of Merrivale Model Village say they had to sell the part due to ongoing security risk costs. While at their attraction, the stable was placed in a glass box with additional hired guards.

To this day, no one knows who Banksy is, but the artist is well known for his bombshell murals which are often a savage commentary on society and the world. absurdity of the art world.

Since his fame in the late 1990s in the British city of Bristol, the artist has achieved great fame despite his anonymity and has sold works for high prices.

In 2018 Banksy sold one of his works “Balloon Girl” for a record price of over a million euros before quickly shredding it via remote control. Three years later, in 2021, the shredded artwork sold for over 21 million euros.


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