This Mumbai Miniature Artist’s Work Will Leave You Amazed


Miniature artist and display designer Omkar Umesh Ghate is taking over a corner of Instagram with his masterful, detailed models of buildings and city scenes

The Dean’s Bungalow at Sir JJ School of Art measures 8 inches high and 7 inches deep on a 5mm to 1 foot scale

Your attention is sure to be caught by the sight of an artist poring over model buildings of varying architectural styles; his unwavering focus ensures that his steady hand creates miniatures of all kinds – familiar streetscapes of Bandra’s alleys, structures in SoBo, the neighborhood winery stand, views on your daily commute and even corners of your home . The miniature world of Omkar Umesh Ghate resembles the one we live in. The 25-year-old miniature model maker, freelance in the television and advertising industries, creates miniature sets for films, web series and commercials.

Ghate’s extremely detailed finishes on his designs are hard to miss. Note the surface textures mimicking the real deal, paper taking the shape of iron fences and tiny, non-fabric T-shirts caught in the wind on the clothesline. It’s a perfect world that feels too real; you would expect a small head to stick out the window of these structures, annoyed by your curiosity. The time-consuming detailed models he shared on Instagram took 10-12 days; he adds that more time yields better results. Yet he modestly glosses over the amount of effort for each project, only revealing, “Observation and restraint are very important when making miniature models.”

The Dean's Bungalow at Sir JJ School of Art measures 8 inches high and 7 inches deep on a 5mm to 1 foot scale

As a child, with an interest in arts and crafts, Ghate saved all the paper he could find, a favorite being wedding cards, to turn them into smaller worlds. Today, he’s armed with paper, M-Seal, popsicle sticks, paint and solar panels, rubber, and sheets of MDF. Sharing details of his working process, Diva resident Ghate says, “It starts with a sketch; you have to reduce a large structure to a model. Scaling is important to make sure you get the right proportions. After that, you get there.

The pandemic hit just as Ghate graduated in Display Design and Stage Design from the JJ School of Art in 2020. He tells us that the material was not easy to find and the work was also affected. But with the help of elders and middle school teachers who offered direction and passed on opportunities, Ghate and his bandmates were able to bag projects. Now he and his peers are known in the industry. Having produced commercials for various brands, web series titles and stop-motion animations with miniature sets, his work keeps him busy and satisfied. Ghate is focused on continuous growth. He expresses: “We work hard in this area and always strive for improvement. I started from zero, so I’m not afraid of losing. I continue to experiment and create. Creating an Instagram page was a crucial step; it helped bring his work to a wider audience. With just 50 posts, the page already has over 3,000 followers. Recently, Ghate and his colleague, Anil Sukhdev Rathod, launched a miniature design studio called Sharp Cutter, which is open for commissions and projects. One of their highlights is the quote “If you rest, you rust”.

Over the weekend, he escapes into the mountains. On his Instagram account, the contrast between Ghate hunched over miniature models and trekking to some of Maharashtra’s highest points is a delight to behold. Ghate ruminates: “The two loves – miniature designs and trekking – look different, but nature teaches you so much, including understanding different textures and colors. They go hand in hand that way.

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