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Watch Best in Miniature, streaming for free on Gem of Radio-Canada from February 11.

There’s something so calming about watching people make miniatures. The detail and love poured into each article is clear and requires a patient and methodical approach. In The best in miniature, 11 artists do it all, but, you know, faster – it’s a competition show, after all. And these people have talent! From small pottery to small glassware to small animals, they make everything in 1:12 scale. Here are some of our favorite miniature items from the show.

small pottery

Making miniature pottery on a small potter’s wheel

“I can’t explain the happiness when you make one!” Miniaturist Cielo works magic with her little pottery wheel. 0:57

small glassware

“In particular, I practiced a lot making miniature wine glasses.” Tom makes tiny glassware, and it’s just as impressive (maybe more!) than making life-size glassware. 0:47

small food

Incredibly tiny food that looks good enough to eat (and in some cases IS actually edible!) 0:47

Tiny, realistic “water” (made from resin)

Make realistic water with resin

How to make realistic water (including running water!) in miniature? These artists use resin. 0:50

small animals

Miniaturists make small animals

Let your stress melt away as you watch professional miniaturists craft tiny animals. 0:53

Go small or go home!

Feast your eyes on these adorable miniatures

A look at some of the sweetest and most adorable creations from Best in Miniature. 0:56


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