Two curious gerbils visit (and chew on) a miniature art museum made by their quarantined owners


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#animals #COVID-19 #humor #miniature #museums #pets

All images © Filippo and Marianna

Stay-at-home orders around the world have inspired people to occupy their time creatively – think of the recreations of well-known works of art and the posters from the “Coronavirus Tourism Bureau” we reported on last week. But rather than create a fake art exhibition for themselves, this London couple thought a little smaller. Filippo and Marianna created The Gerbil Museum, a miniature gallery space for their two 9-month-old gerbils, Pandoro and Tiramisù.

Featuring cardboard benches and scribbled museum labels, the parquet-floored gallery houses humorous versions of iconic works. The couple say Hyperallergic that at first they hoped to paint miniature productions of more obscure pieces, but decided that depicting “The Kiss”, “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” and other classics with gerbil subjects would be funnier.

As you can see, however, Pandoro and Tiramisù lack museum etiquette and have chewed up some furniture, despite the sign advising restraint. (Going through Hyperallergic)

As promised, here is the full video of our gerbils visiting the museum. No gerbils or gallery assistants were harmed during this achievement. from r/aww

#animals #COVID-19 #humor #miniature #museums #pets

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