Uncle Floyd diagnosed with COVID and he reveals 2 types of cancer


A not so funny thing happened to Uncle Floyd at a traffic stop.

“I was determined not to talk about it,” says comic legend Floyd Vivino. “I was wrong to talk about this subject because of all the people who suffered the consequences. I feel very lucky, but Steve, you’ve been asking me to do this for months and you said “Floyd, if you help someone with this story, we’ve done a good service. You’re the only one I would tell about this.”

I asked him to say so here’s Uncle Floyd Vivino on my NJ 101.5 show you can listen on demand starting at 1:30:30

Photo courtesy of Uncle Floyd

Photo courtesy of Uncle Floyd

“I left Bound Brook, I made a wrong turn, the cops are following me. They pulled me three times. The first two times I passed all the physical tests, they said he didn’t Wasn’t drunk but there’s really something wrong with this guy and they followed me in. They brought ambulances to these three stops.

Floyd continues: “The third cop says to me ‘You have COVID’ and I said ‘No I don’t’, he says ‘Yes you have it’.

“Now, how did he know, I couldn’t get out of my car,” says Floyd. “COVID, if anyone’s had it, and I was in the hospital for two weeks with it, either go to your lungs, kidneys, heart or brain. With me it was going to the brain, that stops the muscles in your body, so I couldn’t get out of the car.”

“I had to lift one leg with both hands and put it through the door, then I had to laboriously lift that other leg and put it on the floor,” Floyd said.

“To get out of the car, I had to do like a pull-up. I had to put both my hands outside the car and the window and pull myself up.”

“The cop knew,” Floyd says. “He says, ‘Listen, my job is to protect you, but my job is to protect all other motorists as well. I’m not going to let you go any further. There is something wrong. “”

“Long story short, he (the cop) was right. I was about 8 miles from the Pennsylvania border. He said, ‘Where are you going? I said Totowa, New Jersey. He said you were going in the wrong direction.

They wanted to take Floyd to the hospital but he said: ‘If I have to die tonight it will be in Totowa, New Jersey with my people, not in Pennsylvania in a hospital’

“They wouldn’t let me drive any further. They had me call AAA to take me home, a guy with a truck showed up, but before he got there I drove away and the cops said, ‘Where are you going?’ I said come on, I’m going to buy you coffee and donuts at the cafe in the rest area. The cop said no and these cops stayed with me until until the AAA type presents itself.

“These cops,” Floyd says, “I wish I could hug them, I would hug them with all my heart. I tried to find out who they were but when you have COVID that goes to your brain, you have memory loss for a I was warned about it and for two months I couldn’t remember anything.

Those cops saved Uncle Floyd’s life.

“I would have been dead in 8 to 10 hours. When the brain shuts down, it’s over.” But instead, it was just the start of another discovery.

“When I was in the hospital, I never took any medication in my life, I never even took an aspirin,” says Floyd. “At 70, I took my first pill and asked the doctor, ‘Why am I taking this medicine?’ He said, ‘You have two cancers in you.

“I got it in the bladder and in the prostate,” says Floyd. “The two places most frequented by men”

The doctor says the cancers are at very low levels and if Floyd chose to do nothing, he could have a good three years, but then the cancer, maybe at 75 or 76, would take over. The doctor gave Floyd the choice to fight him now or wait to ask him how long he wants to live. Floyd’s response: “I want to work until I’m 86.”

Fortunately, Floyd found out early enough to take action. When I asked him if he was going to fight, his response: “I’m going to knock them out.”

See Uncle Floyd with Julia Scotti and Me on Saturday, April 16 at the Brook Art Theatre. For tickets click here.

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