Young artist from Hyderabadi carves miniature works of art on pencil tips


Hyderabad: A talented sculptor from Hyderabadi carved a miniature replica of the virus causing COVID-19 awareness on a pencil point using a small scalpel and a sewing needle.

Art has always occupied an important place in the life of Tuppudu Krupa Bhaskar (26). “It’s something that has always fascinated me, it’s something I loved a lot,” says Krupa Bhaskar.

When Bhaskar was 19, he started making pencil art: “I loved painting and drawing since I was 8; when there were science fairs and various art-related events in my school, I would attend to present all my projects and help my friends at the same time, ”Bhaskar explains.

Later, after finishing his studies, he got a job as an engineer, but Bhaskar did not accept it. “I felt that was not what I should be doing in the future. Then I joined the design course at Jawaharlal Nehru University of Architecture and Fine Arts, ”Bhaskar explains.

The design course helped Bhaskar bring out his passion for art to create various things.

At the weddings of his family and friends also, Bhaskar has always marked the spirits. “I barely had the money, but wanted to give unique gifts that they will remember forever. It was then that I thought of this miniature art, ”explains Bhaskar. He carved the first letters of the bride and groom on the tip of the pencil and had them framed.

The owner of the picture store, impressed with Bhaskar, gave him his first order. The rest is just history. Later, Bhaskar created a social media page, which quickly gained popularity. Check out his Instagram page here:

Bhaskar etched the longest word in the English language, “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis” onto a single pencil in cursive font on his first attempt. The word is 45 characters long.

Speaking of his best miniature arts, Bhaskar said he has a unique connection with every piece he makes. “Everyone who is new to my art wonders how I can sculpt such intricate details. It gives me immense satisfaction and is a validation in itself to answer: “with my own hands”. People who recognize my work are important, ”Bhaskar adds.

Previously a hobby, Bhaskar has mastered the art to make it his profession now. “Everything is by the grace of God,” said Bhaskar.

Until now, Bhaskar carved words, names, Telugu letters, different shapes, signs and symbols.


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