Animals invade the miniature towns of Babbacombe Model Village


A giant cat invading a city looks like something out of a monster movie. But at Babbacombe Model Village and Gardens in Devon, UK, that’s exactly what happened. A white kitten was filmed taking a nap on the lawn of the Royal Crescent building in Bath. The feline can be seen paying absolutely no attention to cars or passers-by staring at the giant creature. He just wants some sleep.

The Babbacombe Model Village and Gardens is an attraction that invites humans (and by extension, animals) to explore a vast miniature world featuring tiny buildings, vehicles, people, and more. It features scenes of English life over the past 60 years – told through humor and puns – via hundreds of model homes and the 13,000 “residents” who reside there.

Because the model village is located outdoors, it is no surprise that it is visited by curious cats and ducks wading through the water. As for the photo of the white kitty, the feline was noticed by a member of staff and they took a photo. “We have a few cats that visit us quite often,” General Manager Mike Rhodes tells My Modern Met, “so it’s always fun to capture them in such a position.”

Scroll down for more animal visitors and learn more about the Babbacombe Model Village and Gardens by visiting its website.

The animals are “invading” the Babbacombe Model Village and Gardens in Devon, UK in the cutest way possible.

Babbacombe Model Village AnimalsBabbacombe Model Village AnimalsBabbacombe Model Village AnimalsBabbacombe Model Village Animals

Watch these ducklings explore the area and say hello to the villagers.

Babbacombe Model Village and Gardens: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos of Babbacombe Model Village and Gardens.

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