Art exhibitions to discover in Bangkok in July


Approve the local creatives and get inspired by these art exhibitions in Bangkok in July.

Bangkok has seen exponential growth in the art scene in recent years. Whether it’s art galleries, talented artists or art lovers, the metropolis has observed a growing interest in all aspects. This led to a plethora of art exhibitions across the capital. Keep up to date with what’s happening on the art scene with our monthly column. Here are five art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok in July.

[Hero and featured image credit: River City Bangkok]

5 art exhibitions to discover in Bangkok in July

“Poetic License” by Chiranan Pitpreecha

Photo credit: The Peninsula Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok has branched out into the realm of art by launching an artist-in-residence program with the aim of supporting regional artists and enriching art and literature. For her first-ever writer-in-residence, renowned Thai poet Chirana Pitpreecha is invited to explore the intersection of poetry and visual arts under the name “Poetic License”. The exhibition has three sections, each of which revolves around the theme of man’s relationship with nature and its preservation.

‘Poetic License’ is open until July 31, 2022 from 3pm to 8pm at The Peninsula Bangkok. Find out more via the website.

‘Institute of Intimate Museums’ by Kenji Sugiyama

Image credit: La Lanta Fine Art

After making his debut in 2015, Kenji Sugiyama returns to Bangkok with his latest creation. “Institute of Intimate Museums – Inside the Head” is part of an ongoing series where Kenji Sugiyama portrays traditional diorama art in the miniature world with an intriguing twist. Through close inspection, viewers will observe the intricate parts of tiny components in a world of tilted mirrors that represent Sugiyama’s scrutiny in his own mind.

‘Institute of Intimate Museums’ will be on display at La Lanta Fine Art until July 27, 2022. Learn more via the website.

The Mysterious Friends of Yindee by faan.peeti

Photo credit: River City Bangkok

Through playful characters and a colorful palette, ‘Yindee’s Mysterious Friends’ takes audiences on a journey to explore their inner selves by befriending the monsters within. After numerous group exhibitions and collaborations, ‘Yindee’s Mysterious Friends’ becomes the artist’s first solo exhibition that shows an unshakable spirit of childhood and fairy tales.

‘Yindee’s Mysterious Friends’ is on view until September 4, 2022 at River City Bangkok. Find out more via the website.

‘EMERGE: Thesis Photo Exhibition’

Image credit: HOP – Hub of Photography

An exhibition that captures the creativity of a new generation, “EMERGE” is a collection of photography dissertations by students from 12 institutes across Thailand. 50 works of art convey different stories of value and emotion, and are displayed freely in the vast space of HOP – Hub of Photography.

‘EMERGE: Photo Thesis Exhibition’ runs from July 16 to September 11, 2022 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at HOP Photo Gallery & Whoop! Find out more via the website.

‘Artificial Nature’ by Nakrob Moonmanas & Mary Pakinee

Image credit: Warin Lab Contemporary

‘Artificial Nature’ expands the conversation about nature and the human of the young adult book Cheewit Kong Chan Look Krating (1997) into interactive installations created by Nakrob Moonmanas and Mary Pakinee. Audiences will be taken on a historical journey of Thai zoological literature, as well as the chance to assume a position in the game’s mechanical installation that explores the role of art in environmental conservation.

“Artificial Nature” is the first exhibition in the series “The Tropics”. It is on display until August 27, 2022 at Warin Lab Contemporary. Find out more via the website.


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