Big ideas, small prices: miniature art exhibition returns to Cookstown (4 photos)


Whatever the wall space, whatever the budget, 6 x 6 x Cookstown makes artwork accessible.

A work of art does not have to be large to have an impact.

All parts of the 6x 6x Cooktown Art exhibitions have the power to engage, intrigue and delight, even if they fit within a six-inch square frame, a parameter set by organizers.

It’s the fourth year of the miniatures exhibition, at Halliday House & Co. in Cookstown, and local artists have once again embraced the concept of ‘small is beautiful’, producing affordable, collectible and compact works. .

On Saturday, organizers Maggie Grace and Christina Luck were busy at Halliday House, waiting for participating artists to drop off their show contributions and arranging artwork on the walls.

Only size was limited; artists were welcome to use any medium.

New contributor Kyla Martino dropped off several of her spectacular pendant necklaces, incorporating materials including semi-precious stones, abalone shells and crystals.

Bruce MacCormack supplied a range of ‘Geek Sheek’ tie and hat pins, made from 1980s computer parts and circuitry.

There were miniature paintings by Jeanette Luchese, Jennifer Sheffer and Tabitha Marshall (Tab Creates); tiny mesmerizing sculptures by Gail Esau and whimsical soft sculptures by Carey Cruise; hand-colored gelatin silver light prints by renowned photographer Diana Harding Tucker; multimedia works by Dania Jaremczuk; collages of found objects by Peter Bernardi and Mareka Martin.

Luck, who lives and works in Cookstown, has created something a little different for this year’s show: a handmade book, song of the cat, using hand-cut stencils. Accordion book folds out and can be displayed on a mantle or shelf. “So it becomes sculpture,” she explained.

Maggie Grace brought a triptych of small paintings which she called “The COVID series: I went for a walk– a trio of local scenes, seen while walking along its route during the pandemic, which share a sense of discovery in a familiar landscape.

In addition to their small size and creativity, all the artworks of 6x 6x Cooktown share one last thing – a small price tag. All cost between $25 and $300.

“These unique and affordable works are small enough to find a place in any home and make great gifts for the creative people on your list,” Luck and Grace said.

6x 6x Cooktown will be on display at Halliday House & Co., 9 Queen St. in Cookstown from November 17 to December 5; the salon and boutique are open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Halliday House & Co., which was able to reopen earlier this year under provincial COVID protocols, offers everything from unique decor and gifts to fresh floral arrangements for every occasion.

And the miniature art exhibit, which has become a highly anticipated part of the holiday season, adds a very special dimension to Christmas gifts.


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