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Judy Schrader of Cherry Grove served on the Miniature Artists of America jury.

A Cherry Grove artist was selected by the Miniature Artists of America jury.

Judy Schrader describes recognition as the “the best achievement of my career.”

Art has always been a passion for Schrader, and she credits her late grandfather, a self-taught nature artist, with spearheading that passion.

This childhood interest turned into an adult passion around 1980 when she started working in oils.

“My paintings are a part of me that I love to share with anyone who loves and appreciates art as much as I do,” she explained. “Being primarily a wildlife and nature artist, it helps to live in a small community surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest. It’s good for my imagination and my creativity to take walks in the woods and fields to see all the beautiful landscapes and animals that adorn our country life.

“When I paint animals, I like to capture their spirit and soul through their faces and eyes. I strive to show their personalities, their strengths, their looks of innocence and curiosity.

It’s only six or seven years ago that she started working on miniatures and it’s barely five years since she started showing these works.

So what fits the definition of miniature?

Schrader explained that the miniature is defined as a 1/6 scale without a head in a portrait that exceeds two inches.

“It must be extremely realistic” she added.

Why did she enter the miniature world?

“I met several artists who made minis” she said, explaining that she thought it was “really cool” something she “I wanted to try.”

Schrader knew about MMA but didn’t know she was being considered for admission until she got the call telling her she was in.

The MAA will accept up to 10 artists each year, although only four were included in the Class of 2020. An artist must have been admitted to at least eight competitive shows across the United States in the past five years, earning price of at least two of these shows. Candidates are nominated and at least five works are considered in the admissions process.

This lack of knowledge that she was considered turned into a blessing as Schrader explained that the process was something she “I couldn’t stress.”

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