Jyoti Monga’s miniature forest and her passion for plants


What are the bins, baskets, CDs and towels thrown away at home for? We can throw them away to buy new ones but Jyoti Monga includes them in her garden. At 50, she decided to follow her passion for gardening. Her love for plants took the form of a beautiful miniature forest or a balcony garden at her Nirala Eden society house in Indirapuram.

Jyoti was passionate about nature since childhood but rarely had the opportunity to pursue her passion. Growing up in a big house, she was surrounded by gardens. She used to plant flowers around her house as a hobby. After marriage, household chores took time, but the love of plants never stopped. “Plants bring me peace. My husband used to bring me food because he knew how much I loved them. After I woke up, I would plant seeds in my garden and sit with them for a while,” says Jyoti.

Sadly, Jyoti lost her husband in 2014. She was then the sole breadwinner for her children. Jyoti wanted to take a course in garden design, but the time was not right.

After moving to Indirapuram with her son following her daughter’s wedding in 2019, Jyoti had to leave many of her plants behind in her old home. Jyoti realized it was time for her to pursue her passion for gardening. She started watching creative videos on YouTube. After the pandemic took hold, she started experimenting with scraps, creating miniatures and including them in her garden.

Jyoti woke up at 6 a.m. every day and spent time working on her decorative items and her balcony garden. She started by decorating water bottles and then gradually progressed to creating a variety of miniatures and amazing decorative items. She decorated a spoon holder and made a decorated fruit basket. She made a jar out of a towel and cement, and a swan jar out of oil cans.

She also made a tree house with a dry bonsai tree and many other things to decorate her garden. Jyoti shared her creativity with her loved ones on WhatsApp and got a positive response. Her friends asked her to do some sets for them and Jyoti gladly accepted.

Credits: CitySpidey

Jyoti has started making custom-order miniatures since February 2021. Along with this, she also has an Instagram account where she shares her craft with the community. Jyoti is also delighted to set up her stall in the company’s Navratri celebrations.


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