Miniature gnomes are popping up all over Ottawa


There’s no place like the gnome, and they’re popping up all over town.

Finding one could bring you luck.

Miniature gnomes the size of loons are popping up all over Ottawa.

There have been more than 400 since last June, according to their creator; who asks to remain anonymous.

“I try to air one every day,” they told CTV News Ottawa.

You could call him Ottawa’s own Gnomey Banksy, but the creator laughs when asked.

“Banksy is way, way too popular, and no, I don’t think I’m Banksy.”

Even their relatives do not know it.

“No one knows, I haven’t told my partner, my family, my friends – absolutely no one knows I’m doing this, and I plan to keep it that way,” they say. “I like to be mysterious, to hide a little treasure for someone to find.”

You might find one with the help of the creator’s Instagram account, @findinggnomey.

“I usually take a photo up close, so you can see the detail; and, maybe another photo to show a bit of the area around it – usually I’ll obviously put the street or park it’s in. find,” they say.

A mysterious artist has placed miniature gnomes in several Ottawa neighborhoods this winter. (Peter Szperling/CTV News Ottawa)

Hidden, often in plain sight, on ledges, in bushes, stuck in snow banks, even clinging to trees – and, in various places around town.

“Pretty much everywhere, from Orleans to Barrhaven, Kanata, Stittsville.

If you find one, you can keep it.

“It’s a way to maybe get out, get some fresh air; do something that’s COVID-safe – and it’s a free activity to do; and it’s something for me, to go out too.”

And maybe a gnome will appear for your special occasion, like a birthday.

“I also do commissioned requests; the only problem is you have to go find it.”

There are many themed gnomes.

“Well, for example, for the opening game of the Rougenoirs, I made a Rougenoir gnome. For the season opener of the Sens,” they say. “I’ll make more for Winterlude to come.”

The creator says that gnomes are known for their good luck; so the next time you go out.

“As you walk around, have the opportunity to find something that might bring you some luck.”


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