Miniature horse born without the use of hind legs takes off running in a new wheelchair


NORTH HAVEN, Connecticut (WFSB/Gray News) – A miniature horse born with little or no rear movement can now trot thanks to a new wheelchair.

Turbo was born with two dislocating kneecaps, a birth defect, according to Road to the animal sanctuary Refuge in North Haven, Connecticut.

The only way Turbo could walk was in a hunched position, with the horse’s full weight placed on his two front legs.

Turbo’s former owners contacted “R2RAS” in North Haven for advice, and he stepped in and offered to give Turbo a fighting chance in his sanctuary.

Megan, the Road to Refuge founder and coeducational vet tech, said she started her organization after working in a veterinary practice. During her time as a vet tech, Megan said she saw a surplus of farm animals brought in to be euthanized. Instead, she took the animals home to give them a second chance.

“I lean towards the special needs, the broken, the really medically intensive cases,” Megan said.

She said she looked after blind goats, old goats and a goat named Peaches who also needed a wheelchair to get help.

Megan said that’s how she started down the path that led to Turbo’s rescue.

pets that walk, a New Hampshire-based pet mobility company, said she discovered Turbo’s story on social media and went to the sanctuary, where she donated a wheelchair to Turbo. Even before Turbo could be fully attached, he said the horse had started running.

“Seeing Turbo walk ahead of any assistance and drag his legs, until he was in his cart, I almost cried,” Megan said. “He was running, struggling – it was all very exciting.”

Megan urged people not to hesitate to adopt a pet with special needs.

“It’s definitely a road worth walking,” she said. “They really hold a special place in your heart.”

The Shrine said Turbo’s journey was far from over. As the horse continues to heal, he will need physical therapy, rehabilitation and possible knee surgery. Anyone looking to help with medical bills can do so on the R2RAS website here.


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