Miniature horse joins therapy animal team at Methodist Hospital


SAN ANTONIO – What has four hooves, a long tail, an elegant waistcoat and matching pink bows? The Methodist Hospital’s newest employee, Bambi the Miniature Therapy Horse!

“(Bambi) visits patients in the hospital and lifts their spirits and spirits since she’s been in the hospital – they’ve been in the hospital,” said Alexa Farris, Bambi’s manager and emergency manager. for the Methodist Hospital.

Bambi does his job well. From older patients to young children, even doctors and nurses in between, Bambi spreads joy.

She is our state’s first hospital therapy horse and works alongside three full-time therapy dogs.

But we all ask the same question here: why a mini horse?

“This pandemic, it was very, very hard on everyone, including healthcare workers, patients coming into the hospital, visitors coming into the hospital,” Farris said. “And we were just trying to see, ‘OK, what can we do to cheer people up?'”

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Seeing the unexpected also has physical benefits, like lowering blood pressure and reducing physical pain.

Bambi has been working for two months now. Farris hopes she will pave the way for other animals to join their fleet.

“There may be pigs as therapy animals. There may be many other therapy animals. And I think she just shows that it’s not enough to be a dog that brings light to someone’s eyes,” Farris said.

Bambi is still young, she is only four years old, so she does not have a fixed schedule yet. If you see her, don’t hesitate to give her a pat.

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