Miniature houses that will make you swoon


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Comfortable rooms. Quiet lounges. Fantastic children’s rooms. These are just some of the spaces on which artists The best in miniature have to create – and they do it in 1:12 scale. The series’ 11 highly skilled artists compete to build their dream house in miniature, all for a chance to win a grand prize that will change their lives.

Take a tour of each space below! (Spoilers ahead – if you don’t want to know who wins yet, watch the episodes first!)

The House

This Gorgeous Miniature Dream Home Will Make You Wish You Lived In It

There are several reasons why this miniature house design by Tom nailed it for the judges – but the final moment of this reveal is jaw-dropping. 0:57

The living room

Visit of the miniature house – Living room

If you look closely, you can see that each house has a small glowing fireplace. The detail! 1:08

The bathroom

Miniature House Tour – Bathroom

Check out these tiny 3 piece bathrooms! 0:59

This is what a small Georgian bathroom looks like

Have you ever wondered what a 1:12 scale Georgian era bathroom might look like? Miniaturist Stephen nailed it. 0:33

The children’s room

Visit of the miniature house – Children’s room

You will wish you had these breathtaking children’s rooms when you were young. 0:55

The dining room

This mini haunted house terrorizes its inhabitants

This miniature haunted house terrorizes its inhabitants. Kudos to Susete for bringing horror on a grand scale to the Best in Miniature contest. 0:43

The home office

Miniature House Tour – Home Office

Working from home would be downright a dream in these mini home offices. 0:50

The master bedroom

Miniature House Tour – Bedroom

Sweet dreams are made of these [adorable miniature bedrooms that look oh so cosy]. 1:04

The kitchen

This tiny kitchen is full of tasty dishes

Obsessed with this well-stocked miniature kitchen (look at all the little meat!) 0:48

The miniaturist’s choice

Miniature House Tour – Miniaturist’s Choice

These miniature rooms are fascinating – what else can you even say? 0:48


Visit of the miniature house – Landscaping

Beautiful landscaping, but do it in 1:12 scale. The finalists have done everything for this challenge! 1:00


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