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night wing
Publisher: Knights Models
Cost: €14.88 (US$18.16)
Release date: December 2012
Get it here: Knights Models Website

So why the hell am I re-watching a figure that came out almost two years ago? Well, for two reasons. The first is that I just discovered the official Batman Figure Set a few weeks ago and picked up four pieces to allow me to try out the system. I have a Batman Crew consisting of Nightwing and Frank Miller’s Batman, and a Villain Crew consisting of Deathstroke and Classic Harley Quinn. They both total within 3 points of each other, so it’s an even team without a lot of investment. Well, it’s seventy-two bucks for four little bits of metal, which is INSANE – even compared to games like war hammer which is extremely expensive. I mean, you can just buy Reaper metal figures for between five and ten dollars a pop. Why are these guys so expensive? This is not a question I can answer except for licensing and importing. The other reason is that the Batman Figure Set is terribly undercovered. Very few people seem to know it exists outside of a website that covers it. Not even Bell of Lost Souls or DakkaDakka covers it, so I think any coverage of this game will help spread the word. I mean, the game’s Facebook page has less than 2,500 likes, the game just had its very first tournament this month (over two years after its inception) and it will finally get a physical rulebook in English in 2015. Again, ANY cover is going to help this game. I decided to paint Nightwing first, and so here are the results, along with my comment on it. Don’t forget that you can click on each image for a larger version.

This is the packaging in which NIghtwing arrived. It is very similar to Warhammer finecast pieces. One thing I noticed right away was how TINY Nightwing compares to other miniatures. Usually I paint 28-32mm miniatures. the Batman Figure Set the figures are listed at 35mm size, so in my head I was expecting something larger than, say, a normal Space Marine or Reaper figure. NOPE. I was a little worried about my ability to paint this. Sure, that’s fine with me, but the ulnar nerve damage and the fact that I just started painting this year meant that would be my biggest challenge yet. Still, Nightwing is my favorite Batman character (although in this game I really want Lobo!), so I wanted to at least give it a try. Plus, if I did a really terrible job, I could learn from my mistakes. At eighteen dollars a pop, that would be a very costly mistake.


A front view of the assembled Nightwing. He had a lot of extra pieces on his neck that I had to cut to fit the body. Otherwise, he would have looked like a member of the Kayan Lahwi tribe (look at him). The arms weren’t too difficult to stick in, but I’m not a fan of the pose. It doesn’t look dynamic – it just looks clumsy. Like Dick does aerobics or something. I hope they end up doing a version of Nightwing with a different pose or a classic/New 52 version rather than a Arkham City video game version. Still, it’s fun to see Nightwing in miniature form.


Side plan of unpainted assembled figure.


So here is a mostly painted version of Nightwing. This is not my final version, but I wanted to show Dick from all three main angles so you can see what the figure looks like. I ended up using seven colors on Nightwing. The core was a Chaos Black spray from Citadel. Nightwing is 95% black with a bit of blue or red added to the costume anyway (yellow too if you count the disco outfit he originally had) so color wise it wouldn’t be too hard to do. I then added two Reaper paints and four Citadel paints. The Reaper paints were Fair Skin and Flesh Wash (for lips and a bit of darkening). The Citadel paints were Abaddon Black, Dawnstone (for the rock it sits on), Runefang Steel (fencing sticks), and Caledor Sky. I struggled with New 52 Red or the classic blue. I’ve been thinking about getting a second Nightwing to paint one of each, but until there’s a price drop that probably won’t happen. I prefer to have Nyssa, Adam West and a few others before duplicating.


Side view of the nearly completed Nightwing. I painted the base the same color as the rock Nightwing is resting on for uniformity. Once I have all the numbers for the Batman Figure Set paintings, I will go back and work on the basics to make them all similar in tone, color and design. For now though, basic gray is fine. I never understood the joy of detailing a base anyway.


Rear view of Nightwing. I’ll leave the Dick Grayson butt jokes to those of you who know them. I love the detailing on the figure and this back photo really shows it. From individual hair to different muscles, I am shocked and impressed that such a small figure could have such detail. Great job whoever carved this. Alas, the Knights Models website did not say so.


Here’s a version of the finished Nightwing alongside a Snake Eyes cobbled together from Reaper Miniatures (left) and a Space Marine Captain (right) so you can get an idea of ​​the size of the sculpt. Look at how small Nightwing is compared to the numbers in the other lines. Little hands! Little feet! Yet the head is almost the same. Yes, Nightwing looks a little hydrocephalic compared to other figures shown here, but I wanted to show that he is much smaller than parts from other brands. It doesn’t seem like a lot if you don’t paint, but a few millimeters says a different word. Nightwing saw a lot of my 10/0 brush to make sure I wasn’t wrong, especially when it came to the hair and eye slits on his mask. Yeah.

So this is it. Nightwing, like all Batman Figure Set parts, is smaller and thinner than minis from other companies, but is also quite detailed. I can’t honestly say it’s worth the $18 price tag unless you know a lot of people who play the game or just want to paint Batman figures, but I’m happy with how it turned out turned out and had a lot of fun painting it. . Most of you better save your money, but if you’re looking to try the Batman Figure Set, Nightwing is not a bad choice for your first track. He’s mostly one color (black) so you only have to worry about the blue (or red) on his costume and face. I can’t wait to do Classic Harley Quinn next. The size of these guys terrified me of doing Deathstroke.

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