Tamil Nadu miniature artist places Tricolor in his eye ahead of Independence Day


UMT Raja, a miniature artist from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, wanted to do something different as India celebrates 75 years of independence.

As he brainstormed ideas, a phrase he had learned during his school days echoed in his mind – “Namadhu India thai nattai kan pol kakka ventum”, which means “we must protect our Indian homeland as our eyes”.

Inspired by the line, the 52-year-old artist decided to bite the national flag in his eye. He managed to place Tricolor on the sclera of his eye for 20 minutes on August 5. Videos and photographs of his achievement have gone viral, invoking the spirit of patriotism among netizens.

Speaking to indianexpress.com by phone, Raja said: “We owe the freedom we enjoy today to the pain of our leaders. If they suffered a lot of pain for us, then why can’t I tolerate that pain? »

He said he used a thin membrane of egg white and placed it in the white part of his eye. Later, he placed the tricolor on it. He succeeded after 16 attempts and after 20 minutes he felt a burning sensation in his eyes. He splashed water on his eyes and the confusion lasted for a while.

He also added a word of warning that not everyone should try. The man, whose initials mean “Unnal Mudiyum Thambi” (you can do it, bro), remained unfazed after his failed attempts with a sticker and a contact lens.

Dr R Kaaviya, an eye specialist from Kuniyamuthur in Coimbatore, said such attempts should not be made by ordinary people without expert supervision. The doctor Raja consulted said his attempt was safe as it was done with a thin membrane of egg white and placed over the sclera and not the cornea. “There are studies indicating that egg white membrane can be safely placed on the eye. However, if the color gets diluted inside the eye, it will pose a danger,” he said. -she adds.

Raja, silversmith, has been a miniature artist since the age of 25. Every year on Independence Day, he creates artwork honoring freedom fighters.


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